BAD IDEA – Meet on Errandworld and Complete the task outside Errandworld

Let’s start by saying It’s not a smart thing to do’. What this means is that two people meets on Errandworld (An Errander and A Runner). An Errander had posted a task he/she needs help with and the Runner had probably placed a bid or not.

However they both communicated via Errandworld chat and then for one reason or the other both of them decided to scheme out Errandworld and complete the task amongst themselves.

Reason for such practice could either be because the Runner tries to avoid the 15% commission charges or his/her profile is not completely verified yet or at times may be such Runner is yet to understand how the platform works.

In the end they both agreed to meet one on one to complete the task. Yes commission may be avoided. But such practice is extremely dangerous and strongly not recommended on Errandworld.


Losing out on reviews

If an errand is completed outside Errandworld platform, Users won’t be able to review one and other. The reviews after each errand is completed adds very big value to your EWprofile either as a Runner or as an Errander. People will obviously continue to work with those with lots of positive reviews. It is therefore not very smart enough to deprive yourself of Reviews. Eventually you lose more than you gain.

No Errandworld resolution

Errandworld will not intervene in the case of conflicts, fraud or worse because the task isn’t completed on Errandworld. Even in a situation where one or both parties are completely verified by Errandworld, in as much as the errand is completed outside the Platform Errandworld will not be responsible for any intervention.

Low completion rate

Executing errands outside the platform means those tasks are not going to be counted on your profile. Even though you posted them or you ran them as a Runner, They won’t appear on your profile. Although you may get paid for them or got the task completed but you lose credibility on the platform.

Safety for both parties

Safety is one of the reasons why Errandworld verifies people’s identity in the first place. Completing a task outside Errandworld means you are taking that choice out on your own. This means none of you are verified and got no traces on each other.

One of the beauties of Errandworld and what makes it distinct from a whole lot of other Platforms similar is our resolve in making the platform safe for everyone while we keep working hard on it every day.

Errandworld’s Advise:

All users should insist on awarding and completing all tasks on the platform for the above reasons. Even if the other party doesn’t want that, for your own benefits you should insist on completing the task through the platform.

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We wish you good luck.