South African errand and task company want to kill unemployment.

Errandworld will create job opportunities for everyone!
What is errandworld:

Errandworld is an online marketplace where people meet for mutual benefits. In this platform,  an Errander and a Runner meet for the purpose of transacting business seamlessly. Someone (Errander) who needs something done and is willing to pay another (Runner) to get such done connect through Errandworld and the both parties benefit mutually.

How it works

An Errander (Job Provider) and a Runner (Job seeker). The Errander posts task(s) , while  runners start bidding for the posted task(s). The Errander will then award the task(s)  to the successful bidders. The runner(s)  will complete the job and payment will be released accordingly. Errander gets his/her job done and Runner makes income.

Errandworld – The Idea

The founder of the first Errands community in Africa mentioned in an interview with Gills Groove last week in which he stated that “the sophisticated idea came into reality from the perspective of Runners. Runners are the individuals like me and you who are willing to run errands on behalf of other people and get paid for running such errands”.

The founder of the Errand World said, “It took me months to finally came up with the innovative idea. The objective was to solve a major problem in the community in which Unemployment tops this ranking especially among the youths. How do you help solve unemployment and job scarcity problem when you don’t have a company capable of employing thousands of people? Like i said,  the idea came from the perspective of runners. So we started making researches on how much job opportunities were actually out there available to individuals. Well,  it wasn’t much but at the same time we realized there were more than enough jobs available in every corner of our neighborhoods. Everybody needs something done and probably couldn’t simply because they lack certain skills or they just don’t have enough time to get things done”.

This means we could create jobs for ourselves by freelancing our skills and time. Do you think you have certain skills and free time? Why not run errands and build your own career and life rather than waiting for some job approvals or government interventions that might never come.

With errandworld, unemployment and Joblessness become a choice and soon errands will become a big part of our everyday lives.’

What kind of errands are we talking about?                               

The extent and nature of errands you can post or run is unlimited. It’s basically anything you can think of.  From plumbing,  carpentry, Catering, computing,  IT jobs, Handy jobs, tutoring,  transportation, delivery, modeling to security tasks etc.

Whether you are skilled or not you will be surprised with the type of errands that can be done in this platform . Things like, Share my page on your Facebook profile, make research on certain products, Distribute my flyers or picking up groceries and doing laundry. The possibilities in  errandworld  community is endless and we are on top of the game. This is a multimillion dollar industry and we are excited to bring it to life.

Is Errandworld for you?                                                    

Well, this community is big enough that everyone fits in. Whether you are a Student, Working class, Stay home mom, Unemployed or employed, you can run or post errands. Apart from sending errands even senior citizens may run errands. This is a platform  that brings everybody together to get things done

The community market place is not even launched yet but the responses from South Africans is amazing. The company is having over 40,000 potential subscribers already, and they are patiently waiting for the online market place to be launched and active.

Visit the website to start running or posting errands.

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