New updates on Errandworld

The online community marketplace launched 1st of June 2017. We are delighted by South African’s turn-up to our astounding product.

Errandworld team is not ceasing and we are striving to improve our product everyday. We recently introduce new updates on our world class errand marketplace. and we are happy to share them with you.

1- All posted errands will now go through admin for approval.

Thanks to our users’ valuable feedback, This update is introduced to obviate spamming. As certain people were using the platform to advertise their own businesses and products.

All posted errands will now go through errandworld admin for approval before setting to live on the site. We believe this step will comfort our users experience.

2- Errander can now choose to complete an errand online or in person.

While posting a task, The errander will get to choose whether they want the task to be completed online or they require the runner to execute the job physically.

This way, The erranders will be able to express them self better while posting an errand, And the runners will quickly identify which job requires them to be physically involved or could be done online as some people only wishes to work online or from home.

3- Errand notification just got better.

Errand alert is the notification email that is being sent to runners when a new errand is posted. We have been sending out the automated alert based on the runner’s skill.

Since Errander now get to choose between Online jobs and Physical jobs. Errandworld will now notify runners based on:

Physical Errands:
The city where the errand needs to be run
The selected skills by the runner

Online Errands:
The selected skills by the runner

Meaning, Runners will receive alerts for errands in their city ONLY. (Unless its an online task)

4- Refer a friend

Our referral program is now launched. User can now refer friends and families. While making R50 out of it. You get R50 and your friend gets R50. Payment is released upon the first completed errand. Both as a runner and errander.

You can find your referral code under ‘my account’. For more details on referral, Please log into your account, Click Refer A Friend