6 Businesses you can start with little or no money

There are several businesses you could start with very little or no initial capital.

Whether it is a hobby that you would like to turn in to a career, or you just need that extra money because you are facing some hard time financially speaking or you just want a stable life for your self and family, Then you may find my article very useful.

There are various business ventures that you can embark on with little to non capital. Fortunately, we live in a generation where we are a little bit more adventurous than our former, especially when it comes to the kind of jobs that we do. In fact, there are so many careers that were not even in existence a mere ten to fifteen years ago. With the current news that the South African economy is in recession, I am very certain that this list of businesses will come in very handy for a lot of people. Hopefully you are one of them.


Flyer distributing business

This is a kind of business that certain people hardly understands or expected to be a business. But believe me when I say distributing flyers/pamphlets for a living is a good and viable business. And the good thing is that you can start up this business with very little money. All you need is man power and logistics.

Basically, flyer distributing business is where you will approach businesses around you, request for their pamphlets and offer to distribute it for them in specific neighborhoods. You can go house to house or building to building, you can stand on the streets, it depends on the client’s requirement.

You can start this on your own or choose to hire people to work for you while you are bringing the customers in. The more customers the better as it takes the same amount of time and work to distribute 1 set of flyer and 10 set of flyers.

Further more, while stabilizing your new business you can venture into designing and printing flyers for your customers. All you need is a printing company to do this for you. It is very good if you have graphic designing skills, then you will only have to pay for printing.


Run errands on ‘Errandworld’

When I first came across Errandworld, Oh how I wish that I had come up with this genius idea myself. If you have not heard of this Errandworld yet then I will not blame you because it just recently launched in South Africa this year 2017.

Basically, Errandworld is a community market place that brings erranders and runners together. An errander is someone that needs to get something done and is willing to pay someone else to do it for them. Whereas a runner is a person who actually runs the errand for them and then after completing the errand gets paid for it by the errander.

The story behind  their inception is quite an inspiring and beautiful one. The founder of Errandworld  came up with this great idea as a solution to unemployment. There are enough people out there that needs things done for them and are willing to pay good money for it to be done.

Thus making unemployment a choice, rather than a circumstance.  So in essence one can eventually become a professional errand runner. You see, that’s a new career. To start running errands, Visit www.errandworld.co.za


Rent out a room in your house on ‘Airbnb’

As this may not be for everyone (If you don’t have a home or an apartment of your own) Another great and innovative idea.

If you have a vacant room in your house or better yet a cottage or even a whole apartment, you can rent it out occasionally by registering on Airbnb. Hotels are expensive so this is an affordable alternative. People from all over the world come to South Africa and would appreciate a different and more homely experience.

As well as locals that travel extensively for work or personal reasons will benefit greatly from this. I believe that this can be a lucrative income generating business. All you have to do is register your property on www.airbnb.com , Set up your account and you will be renting out your space in no time.


Daycare and babysitting

I like to believe that most businesses relating to babies and kids are bound to be successful as long as it is something that is essential to them. Babies and kids are good and big business.

Families are growing constantly and they need such services like babysitting and daycare. There will always be room for more. All you need to start is a vacant sub let in your yard or you could even use your house during the day for this.

A lot of people prefer to partner with someone just so that there is more than one person who has to look after the kids. One adult for each age group of kids.The more the kids, the more staff you will need.

Let us bare in mind that this is one business that you should not do for the money. Do this only if you have a passion and love for children. If not, then rather try something else. In many cities, You may need to get some licenses (From Social and Health department) as the business grows.


Be creative, make and sell something

Not a lot of people are good with their hands. It is almost a scarce trait. So, if you are a DIY (Do It Yourself) king or queen, then you my friend are a rare commodity and have no excuse to ever be broke.

There is a community of people who appreciate handmade craft because of its personal touch. In addition to selling, you can even run creative DIY classes and allow your students to take home what they make.

You will need to advertise your products, starting with your family and friends, then create social media accounts and pages. Facebook and Instagram is a very good space to start. Keep liking people and keep posting your products everyday. This is a good way to spread your hand made products.


Writing and web development

Writing is also one of those rare traits. But as of recent, new avenues for writers have opened up. A lot of people are using the internet to its advantage by becoming bloggers and earning a good income by writing reviews, sharing their own personal stories or giving advice and sharing lifestyle tips. Writing comes naturally to some, if it doesn’t for you then you can always take free online writing courses and start writing for big and small publications by working remotely on a freelance basis and eventually on a permanent full time basis. It really can be a fulfilling career path because it serves as an outlet for a lot of people. That’s how we can get our feelings and frustrations out or just share a bit of ourselves to the world.

If you are a web developer by profession you can start your own little business on the side. There are plenty people that need to build a website for their own business including bloggers who want to customize their blog sites for more appeal. Fortunately these days there are free or really affordable online short courses on web development which will teach you the basics and you can build from there.

Do some market research. This will help you define your market. Not everything will work for everyone, so find your niche, something that is more suited to you. Start with a business plan, you cannot start a business without it no matter how big or small and even if you don’t much capital to establish it. It will help you see if you are going in the direction in which you desire or not.

Hope my ideas work for you. Please do share with your friends and make more research on your chosen business. Leave comments below for questions and contributions.

Article submitted by: Jeandre Fuller