Its World Naked Gardening Day 6th Of May 2017, Get naked today!

Believe it.. Gardening naked is fun and Yes you would and should do it today 6th of may 2017.

As a gardening lover, My favorite event is the first Saturday in May when it’s time to drop the fig leaf, forget man’s fall from grace, and return to Eden for a day.

Yeah, I’m talking about World Naked Gardening Day (WNGD), an annual event created by the Body Freedom Collaborative, a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the integration and acceptance of non-sexual social nudity. WNGD aims to help people around the world shed stuffy societal mores and garden unclothed, as nature intended.

You may be wondering, Why the heck would anyone do this? Why don’t you read on..

Gardening in the nude is fun (with, perhaps, a frisson of illicitness), the sun and wind and even the occasional raindrop feel amazing on your skin, it’s good for body, mind, and soul (see below); and it is about as close to natural and sustainable as you will ever be!

World Naked Gardening Day is about fun, getting it touch with nature, and making nudity a natural part of life (rather than something sordid and sexual – not that sexuality is bad, far from it; it’s the sordid connotation of nudity that we need to let go of). And if gardening in the nude leads to other healthy nude activities with consenting adults, well, Well, What can i say? If you have the time, the space and avenue. Do away

Why naked gardening is good for you:

Exposing your skin to sunshine (specifically UVB) for a few minutes a day helps you make health-promoting vitamin D and getting outside into nature can boost your mood and improve many health issues. In some parts of the world walking in the woods is even prescribed for good health. And, while there may not be any medical studies to support the supposition, shouldn’t exposing the maximum amount of skin to the sun and nature offer the maximum benefits?

Timid gardeners can stick to solitary gardening in secluded backyards or even just watering their houseplants indoors; while more uninhibited gardeners can be less covert, making it a family activity or perhaps even doing a quick streak across the front yard (houseplants in streaking may be the best options if the weather isn’t conducive to lingering). Braver and more social nudists can host a nude gardening party or participate in a nude guerrilla gardening event in a public venue.

We’d be remiss if we skimped on the info about keeping yourself safe and healthy while being rough, tough, and in the buff in your garden.

Sun. Some sunshine is good for you, but too much can be painful and lead to long-term health issues. Do your nude gardening before 10 a.m. or after 4 p.m. or so, when the sunshine is less intense; tend your shade garden in the middle of the day; and consider wearing a hat and sunglasses (safety accessories don’t negate nudity) and a safe sunscreen (find safe options in the Environmental Working Groups’ searchable database). If you get overexposed try one of these natural sunburn remedies).

We hope you’ll take advantage of World Naked Gardening Day to sunbathe in your garden (or dance naked in the raindrops). Consider snapping a family-friendly shot and sharing it online.

And why stop there? Every day can be a nude gardening day! And once you find out how great the air and sun feel on your bare skin you may want to indulge in skinny dipping at a local watering hole, sunbathe at your local nude beach, vacation at a nude resort, or join in other clothing-optional local events. The Naturalist Society is a great resource for finding more info.

Credits to : Rodales Organic Life